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Lean Six Sigma Black belt Certification Training

Get Certified With Lean Six Sigma Black Belt As Soon As Possible

This course is basically for those professionals who has successfully passed the exam of SSGB. Lean is the term that explains the different techniques which could be apply in the reduction of time that spent in the delivering of the products.It is the course where the individuals learns about the techniques that improves quality and the product would be delivered on time.It helps the company in achieving the process excellence that results in gaining profit.


Professional who wants certification should have to obtain atleast 60% marks and after the training would get complete,users are required to submit live DMAIC project to the faculty.


What are the output of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

  • Individuals could apply the concepts such as process mapping,mistake proofing and applying the 5s technique

  • One could do the easy statistical analysis for determining the relationship between the inputs and outputs

  • Individuals may learn about the different levels through which the barriers could be removed easily and the goals will be achieved

  • Learn the ways to do the coordination between the peers and the managers

  • Individual's job performance could be easily improved

  • Professional data will obtain more importance

Who should opt for the Black belt certification?

  • Team leaders

  • Software Professionals

  • Project managers

  • Management students

  • Quality Assurance team leaders

  • Quality engineers

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