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Why Sixsigmaversity

Students from 4000+ companies in 60+ countries

Sixsigmaversity' has trained/certified more than 125,000 persons in delivering successful projects. More than 6,000 students are certified by 'Sixsigmaversity' each month which is more than any other certification body.

Having better Reputation and Acceptance in the Industry

The learning which is gained by getting a 'Sixsigmaversity' certification is universal in its application.On the other hand,it has been applied by organizations in diverse projects spanning an eclectic mix of industries.

Global Training Network

Sixsigmaversity's' certification training has been provided by its Authorized Training Partners from all across the globe. There are more than fifteen hundred A.T.P.s present globally.It has the widest network of accredited training companies that are providing its certifications.


Sixsigmaversity is a widespread community of quality management professionals committed to worth who share the thoughts and implements that make our world work well. With individuals and administrative members all over the place, Six Sigmaversity has the status and influence to get together the various valued champions who are altering the world’s businesses, organizations and societies to encounter future acute challenges.

Six Sigmaversity opened on 6 January, 2017 in the US. It carries all of Six Sigmaversity programs comprising training, certification, membership, and expedition of upgrading quality management initiatives.

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