Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) Certification is intended to help you direct the combined ideas of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Lean Six Sigma has occurred as a quality business management tactic functional to projects worldwide. It supports an organization reach method excellence initiatives, speeds up product distribution, develops product value, and drive improved returns to an organization. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification determines a person’s talent to organize these services in enterprise-wide plans.

The Six Sigmaversity Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is an expert who is competent in the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, who front-runs complex improvement projects, usually in a volume of full-time. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt retains a comprehensive understanding of features of the Lean Six Sigma Method comprising elite of competence in the topic difficulties enclosed in the stages of Describe, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control(DMAIC) as stated by the Six Sigmaversity Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt knows how to enforce, execute, understand and spread over Lean Six Sigma at an advanced level of expertise.

Audience Profile

The course is planned to encounter the desires of the respective sets of professionals:

  • Senior Management
  • Team Leaders
  • Software Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Software Quality Assurance Team Members
  • Management Students


Entities who desire to apply for the exam are suggested to have experience with project application and awareness and recognition of Lean Six Sigma workings.

What skills are gained from the course?

The course will enable you for the following:

  • Apply Lean ideas such as 5S, waste decline, process charting, value stream charting, and mistake-proofing.
  • Apply basic and advanced statistical examines to define the correlation between key inputs and process outputs.
  • Efficiently handle team dynamics and know in what manner to work with various levels of leadership to take out obstructions and attain project success.
  • Close projects and transfer control to process holders.
  • Present projects to trainers and superiors.

Course Benefits

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training provides committed professionals acceleration to a more successful career.
  • This certification exhibits your skill to apply greatly complex DMAIC projects.
  • Advances your ability to work problem solving and business knowledge on the work to increase internal developments.
  • The certification will open up a plethora of new career opportunities and a hefty increase in salary.

Exam Layout

  • Multiple Choice
  • 60 questions per exam
  • One mark for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 90 minutes duration


There are no such essentials to take the Six Sigmaversity Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam. For further knowledge look for FAQ and Six Sigmaversity sites on information and application. Buy a Black Belt Exam Voucher for $395 via a below-mentioned link.


Expertise will get Six Sigmaversity Black Belt Certification allotted by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification, a factual liberated third-party Certification Association within the Lean Six Sigma Industry. Six Sigmaversity Certification is accepted forever.

The Six Sigmaversity Certified Black Belt is delivered a Certificate (PDF) which consists a Certification No., a digital badge, added to the Official Six Sigma Certification Register and approved the right to use the particular Certification Grades and Designation. The professional designation which can be used in CVs and unrestricted profiles reliable with the Six Sigmaversity Marks Use Policy.

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