Privacy Policy


Six Sigmaversity is dedicated to protecting your privacy; we take data security and privacy earnestly. This Privacy Policy states how Six Sigmaversity gathers, imply, shares, and safeguard the personal information you give when you visit the Websites and Mobile Apps owned and operated by Six Sigmaversity (listed below), and when you use our Service(s). It also defines your alternatives regarding use, access, and amendment of your personal information. The use of information gathered through our Service(s) shall be restricted to the purpose of offering the service for which you have tied up Six Sigmaversity.


Your Private Data and How We Use It.

SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), The Controller, uses Google Analytics and additional tools to understand web traffic and website usage. Some of these tools could capture IP addresses or use cookies.

When you enroll for assured SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) products or services, we ask for your name and contact information. The information we assemble might be joint with information gained from other SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) services and other companies. We may use cookies and other technologies to keep a record of your interactions with our sites and services. We use Personal Information to connect with you, deliver you with services, and to support us improve our products and services, maintain class registrations, class attendance, certification test results, and validation.

We list the first and last names of our candidates that have passed our assessments and become certified on our website. We do not consider the third party for any of our candidate’s data.

To provide our services, we at times must provide your data to our partners and other companies working on our behalf. Your Personal Information will be held forever except you request deletion.

Cookies are used to offer a modified experience or to advance our sites and services. We do not conduct phone or mail marketing. Personal Data submitted by users to the Store(s) when buying directly from SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) will be conveyed to and shared with third parties that might be situated in other countries, to provide services to such users, comprising but not limited to transaction processing and scam prevention.

You may select not to provide your information; however, SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) will not authenticate your training and your certification in that case.

Your Rights

Every individual associated holds the right for confirmation from SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) to whether or not your personal information is being processed and where is such case, access to your data and the following information:

  • The need for the Processing
  • The types of Personal Data concerned
  • The recipients or group of recipient to whom the Personal Data have been or will be revealed;
  • Where possible, the predicted period for which the Personal Data will be stored, or, if not possible, the criteria used to limit that period;
  • You have the right to be informed of the proper defenses relating to the transfer
  • You have the right to request Alteration or Deletion of Your Personal Data.
  • You have the Right to Request Control of Processing.
  • You have the Right to Data Movability.
  • You have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory consultant.

Using Your User Account

  • You may review and precise your personal information and preferences
  • You might ask to remove your name from our site.
  • You may opt-out of emails from us

Contacting Six Sigmaversity

If you have any questions considering our privacy policy, about how SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) uses one’s Personal Information or request regarding your Personal Data, please reach out to us at