Terms of Service

Welcome to the SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) website. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) makes the Site and the associated services on the Site presented to you subject to the following terms and conditions (Terms) of this “Agreement”. For this Agreement, the definitions apply: “You” means you, the person using the Site.

“SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity),” “we” or “us” stands for SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity).

1. Use of Site

Subject to these Terms, we allow you the particular, restricted, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to custom this Site. You might print a copy of these materials, for your personal use only.

2. Unlawful Actions

You approve that you will not use the Site for

(i) Any unlawful purposes that encroach upon any laws in your jurisdiction (with but not limited to copyright laws);

(ii) Amending or hacking into the Site for adapting another website to falsely infer that it is allied with SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity)

(iii) Posting or transmitting any spam, viruses or any code of a damaging nature.

You also reach agreement not to alter, dispense, copy, interchange, store, replicate, convey, openly display, publicly perform, show, publish by hard copy or electronic means, adapt, edit, assemble or create unoriginal works of the Site Material or else use the Site Material in a way for any public or commercial purpose without expressing approval from SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaverity). You admit and agree that the illegal use of the Site Material could cause severe harm to SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) and that in the event of such unauthorized use, SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) will be titled to a ban in addition to any other remedies available at law or injustice. You are allowed a limited right to generate a hyperlink to the Site as long as the link does not incorrectly imply validation of your products or services by SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), or else represent SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), its products or services, in a false, deceptive, disparaging, or offensive matter.

3. Site Material

Although SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) actions to keep the Site Material and additional content on, in, and through this Site latest, SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) are not liable for any errors or lapses in the Site Material or content. SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) is not liable for the exactness or totality of any data, edition, visuals, methods, links, ads, or extra items contained in the Site. SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) may make deviations to the Site Material, the Site, or the products or services made available in association with the Site at any time, with or without notice, and makes no assurance to update any of these items. To access certain areas and features of the Site you may be obligatory to be an SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) Listed Website Member. Requirements for becoming a fellow are positioned on the Site. SNVA LLC (Six SigmaVersity) has the right to annul membership at any time devoid of notice.

4. Materials Submitted to the Site

The Site consents you to underwrite content, data, text, visuals, particular listings, placements, and added materials and information for use and note by other guests to the Site (“User Content”). SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), its firms, and members are not in charge of and do not word the accuracy or totality of any User Content that is surrender to the Site. By posting User Content, you embody that you have the complete legal right to deliver the User Content and that use of the User Content by the Site and various individuals will not:

(a) intrude on any academic property rights of any being or any rights of marketing, persona, or privacy of any person or entity, with but not restricted to, as an outcome of your failure to acquire approval to post personally identifying or otherwise private data about a person;

(b) Interrupt any law, act, rule, or regulation;

(c) be offensive, unfounded or trade libelous, illegally intimidating, or unlawfully troublesome;

(d) be indecent, child pornographic;

(e) violate any communal or Internet customary;

(f) comprise any viruses or other computer encoding routines that harm, adversely interfere with, secretly intercept, or seize any system information, that enable such or that are intended to do any of the above;

(g) create misuse of any trade secret or know-how; or

(h) constitute a revelation of any personal data retained by any third party. Upon your idea of User Content or other material, information to SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), you award SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) a universal, everlasting, non-terminable, unalterable, exchangeable, license to access, use, dispense, perform, replicate, present, adjust, create unoriginal works based upon, and sublicense, and to license others to access, create imitative works based upon the User Content, all without any return to you at all. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) may eradicate User Content from the Site that disturbs any of the guarantees provided in the previous paragraph. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) will not be in charge of alterations, modifications, or deletion of any User Content that you submit to the Site. If you trust that any content or postings on the Site infringe your academic property or other rights, please trail our Complaint Procedure in Section 14 of the Terms.

5. Patented Rights

SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) preserves or permits all data, matter, illustrations, methods, creation, pictures, functional workings, audio-video clips, software and software basics, certification and additional material for the Site along with the selection, controlling, procedure, group and advancement of the Site Material. All Site Material is secure under to US patent, logo, and other valid laws. You decide not to eliminate, alter any copyright notification or any other registered notice on any Site Materials. Entire names, trademarks, service marks, warranty, symbols, sayings or logos acting on the Site are branded to SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) or its links, licensors, or providers. Usage or exploitation of these attributes is prohibited and may disrupt central and state trademark law. Under no conditions, you will have any rights of any kind to the Site, except the right to use the Site as offered in Section 1 above.

6. Extra Sites

This Site can frequently hold links to other Internet Web sites for the suitability of users in detecting information, produces or services that may be of importance. These sites and any other sites functioned or upheld by third-parties are maintained by firms above which SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) exercises no control, and SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) specifically refutes any responsibility for the matter, data, links, and other items, the truth and entirety of the information, and the value of products or services made offered or advertised on such third-party sites.

7. Copyright and Trademark

All matter on this site, together with but not restricted to logos, creation and offering names, strategies, text, visuals, descriptions, video-audio content, interfaces, code, software, and the choice and planning of such content, are the property of SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity). The use of Copyright and Trademark material is not legalized without the express approval of SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity).

8. Privacy Policy

Any confidential data that you deliver to us on the Site is a matter to our Privacy Policy. For further information, go to Privacy Policy.

9. Repudiation of License and Responsibility

This site and the site material on and made available through this site, and the facilities and produces provided in connection with this site, including software, are made available on an “as is” and "as available" basis only. Use of this site is totally at your risk. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) makes no depictions or guarantees, hereby disclaims all depictions and permits, relating to this site and the site content on and made accessible through this site, and the services and products provided in relation with this site, precise and indirect, inscribed and verbal, arising from way of trade, way of act, usage of trade, else comprising but not restricted to, the implied permits of business, aptness for a specific purpose, correctness, label, worth, systems integration, and non-breach, including that the site will be continuous, appropriate, safe, or no error, that the site or its server(s) is free of viruses or other damaging mechanisms, that the site, counting the services will be available, or that content formed on the site is safe from unofficial admittance. All data offered by SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) in connection with this site is provided with all errors, and the whole risk as to the adequate quality, enactment, accuracy, and struggle are with you. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) makes no service contract regarding any software, goods, facilities, advancements, or the sending of any software, goods or services purchased, accessed or obtained through the site or advertised through the SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) site. No guidance or figures are given by SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), its staffs or links will generate a warranty.

10. Restrictions of Accountability

You accept that your use of the Site, together with any software or matter on the Site, and any dependence upon it or the outcomes you produce by using it, is at your only risk. You approve that, to the extent legalized by applicable law, under no conditions will SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) or its majors, executives, parents, firms, members, mediators or licensors, or any third-party supplier of data, be liable for any direct, indirect, resulting, representative, extra-contractual, attendant, special or punitive harms of any kind, including damage of business returns, or loss of data, whether in an action under bond, disregard or other theory, ascending out of your use of incapacity to use the Site, or your dependence on any instruction, information, or matter on the Site provided as part of the Site, even if SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) or any connected party has been recommended of the likelihood of such harm, and even if the remedies available flop of their needed purpose. You precisely admit that down-time, loss of matter, and computer viruses are risks intrinsic in the use of the Internet and software products, and you agree to undertake responsibility for any harm of any kind or character ensuing from these likely losses. You also precisely recognize that you may be revealing profound, private and confidential matter about yourself, your corporation or your plan in your use of the Site and you decide to assume obligation for any harm of any kind or character ensuing from your issue of such matter.

Under no conditions will the entire responsibility of SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) to you in relation with, based upon, arising from this Site or your use. Some authorities do not allow the omission or control of charge for important or incidental harm, and some portion of the above restriction may not put on to you. In such authorities, SNVA LLC / Six Sigmaversity’s entire responsibility is a restraint to the utmost extent allowed by law. It is the purpose that this facility is construed by a court as being the widest limitation of responsibility steady with applicable law. If you are displeased with the Site, or with any of mentioned Terms, or feel SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) has encroached upon these Terms, only and exclusive cure is to withdraw using the Site.

11. Indemnification

You approve to guard, indemnify and hold SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity), and its divisions, majors, executives, workforces, agents, owners, partners, investors, helps, chiefs, forerunners, inheritors, allots, co-branders, innkeepers, members and attorneys harmless from and in contradiction of any suits, activities, claims, demands, measures (whether judicial, regulatory, or administrative), harms, payments, decisions, injuries, obligations, sufferers, risks, costs, and expenditures (including reasonable prosecutors' fees and litigation expenditures) linking to or arising from the Site, your use of the Site, your scam, destruction of law, or deliberate misconduct, and any encroachment by you of described Terms.

12. Accessibility

We use sensible hard work to guarantee that the Site is usually accessible. Though, there will be times when access to the Site will be disturbed or inaccessible. We will use practical commercial labors to diminish such interruption where it is within our reasonable control. You approve that we will not be responsible to you for any alteration, holdup or discontinuance of the Site. You are accountable for gaining access to the Site and that access may include third-party fees (such as Internet service provider or airtime charges). You must offer and is liable for all tools essential to access the Site.

13. Security

You realize that the technical treating and diffusion of any Site content may be moved decoded and include

(a) diffusions over various networks, and

(b) changes to follow and become accustomed to technical supplies of linking networks or devices. Please be counseled that we do not promise that any data sent from our Site will be safeguard during transmission, nor can we assure the privacy of any communication or material transmitted to SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) through the Site or the Internet, for instance, personal information (name or address).

14. Complaint Processes

If you consider that any matter or placements on this Site disrupt your academic property or other rights, please send to SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) at the address mentioned in Section 18 an inclusive thorough message setting out the following information:

(1) your name and the name of your business, if any;

(2) your contact information, as well as your e-mail address;

(3) the nature and matter of your complaint, the specific rights at concern, and your basis for making the criticism, including the matter or posting that is offensive;

(4) The following proclamation, "The declarations, depictions, and claims made in this message are true, comprehensive, and exact, I have the full legal right to make such report, depiction, and claim and be allowed any request made in this message."

15. Modifications and Termination

You approve that we hold the right to modify these Terms and the Site at any period, for any reason, and with or without notification. Your constant use of the Site after any alteration is made to the Terms means, your considerate of and intention and pact to be assured by such change, whether or not you have definite notice thereof. You must observe these Terms for changes. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) reserves the right to terminate your entrance to this Site in the happening that you disrupt these Terms or for any aim with or without notice.

16. Governing Law and Authority

These Terms denote the entire settlement between you and SNVA LLC (Six Simaversity) regarding the subject matter hereof, succeed all previous and coexistent agreements between us, and will be overseen by and understood following the laws of the State of Maryland without mention to its conflict of law rules. By retrieving, inspecting, or using this Site or the Site Material, you assent to the jurisdiction of the central and state courts ruling in the City of Waldorf, state of MD, and agree to accept service of the procedure by mail and as a result of these surrender any and all jurisdictional and venue fortifications otherwise available. This Site is measured and activated by SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) from within the United States. SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) makes no illustration that this Site or the Site Material is suitable or accessible for use in any place or region, and access to this Site or the Site Material from positions or territories where it is unlawful is outlawed. The waiver or disappointment of SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) to workout in any respect any right offered hereunder will not be believed a waiver of such right in the upcoming or a waiver of other rights recognized under these Terms.

17. Severability

If any establishment of this Agreement is found by a court of capable authority to be worthless, the parties nevertheless approve that the court should attempt to give effect to the parties' purposes as imitated in the provision, and the other provisions of this Agreement persist in full potency and influence.

18. Contact

SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity) is a DE corporation, headquartered in Wilmington, DE, U.S.A. Any questions, comments or suggestions, including any report of the destruction of this Agreement, should be delivered to the Administrator as follows: By e-mail: support@sixsigmaversity.org

This Statement is effective Sep 20th, 2018 Copyright © 2017 SNVA LLC (Six Sigmaversity). All rights held in reserve.