Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Yellow Belt


The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is for individuals who are fresh to the sphere of Six Sigma who has a desire to upgrade the fundamental learning on Six Sigma. Yellow Belts can be an individual’s initiatives who wish to be acquainted with the general concepts of Six Sigma and DMAIC methodology. Yellow Belt qualified experts will have a better knowledge of Six Sigma theories and help the Green Belt tasks in the organization. They are accountable to manage minor projects using PDCA methodology i.e. (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology. Six Sigma is a gradual process of involvements and statistical techniques that let the organization to understand which business process requires focus, make out the actual cause of difficulties, and withstand improvements.

Six Sigmaversity is a learning-centered organization, efforts on improving and completing the knowledge of working specialists to be capable in the industry with maximum skills.

Course Benefits

Each course holds a set of benefits as per their considerate knowledge, this course enables

  • The trainees will be competent in analyzing and understanding the Six Sigma Belt project data.
  • Enable of solving business difficulties using Six Sigma techniques.
  • Learn root-cause analysis techniques
  • Learn Graphical techniques using Minitab

Audience Profile:

The course is intended for the mentioned profiles

  • Transaction Processing
  • Back-office
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • Call Center Operations
  • Voice Operations


The trainees are required to have mentioned knowledge before taking the course

  • Basic knowledge to direct through a spreadsheet, for instance, enter data into a spreadsheet, cut, copy, and paste data.
  • Entry-level of knowledge to use a PowerPoint Presentation as you will have to create Six Sigma Yellow Belt project storyboard.
  • Basic understanding of mathematical/statistical models

Exam Format

  • Multiple Choice
  • 60 questions for the exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marks for wrong answers
  • 90 minutes duration
  • Online un-proctored exam

Course Highlight

  • Online/Classroom/Self-Paced Training
  • Practical training on Data Analysis
  • Access to Question Bank
  • Access to Question Bank
  • Lean Six Sigma Project
  • Get trained by Experts
  • Flexible Class Timing
  • IT Driven relationship management.
  • Rich content made available
  • Placement Assistance


The expertise will get Six Sigmaversity Yellow Belt Certification allotted by the Six Sigmaversity. The Six Sigmaversity Certification is accepted always.

The Six Sigmaversity Certified Yellow Belt is provided a Certificate (PDF) which consists of Certification No., a digital badge, added to the Official Six Sigma Certification Register and approved the right to use the particular Certification Grades and Designation. The professional designation which can be used in CVs and unrestricted profiles reliable with the Six Sigmaversity Marks Use Policy.

Sample Certificate


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